Technology Institute of Victoria Pty Ltd is committed to developing and maintain an effective, timely, fair and equitable complaints and appeals system.  Technology Institute of Victoria Pty Ltd is committed to facilitating a learning process that is both beneficial and enjoyable.

Complaint: A person's expression of dissatisfaction with any service provided by Technology Institute of Victoria Pty Ltd.

Appeal: A request to review a decision that has previously been made by Technology Institute of Victoria Pty Ltd.

Technology Institute of Victoria Pty Ltd aims to:

  • Ensure a complaints and appeals handling system is student focused and helps Technology Institute of Victoria to prevent these event from recurring
  • Ensure that your disputes are taken seriously, handled professionally and confidentially in order to achieve a speedy resolution
  • Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the steps involved in the organisation’s grievance policy; and,
  • Provide you with contact details of public, independent authorities who may assist in the event of a dispute or grievance
  • Complaints received will be given due consideration, with full attention to details.  The objective will be to find an immediate solution, and an amicable settlement for all parties concerned
  • Any resolution to any dispute between aggrieved parties will be addressed in an open and trusting environment
  • All matters will be resolved with reference to the Win-Win principles of dispute resolution
  • If any student is unsatisfied with the outcome of and complaints or refunds outcomes, you may of course exercise your right to take your complaint or grievance further to the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

Complaints and Appeals Process

The steps in the Complaints and Appeals Process are:

a. Local Level Resolution

  1. We encourage open communication and an environment of trust. Therefore, any student with a grievance is encouraged to firstly raise the matter directly with the Technology Institute of Victoria Pty Ltd staff involved.
  2. If no resolution is made, then a formal meeting should either be requested by you or by Technology Institute of Victoria Pty Ltd, at which time the matter in dispute can be raised and we hope a resolution sought. This meeting will be arranged and held with Training Manager, and can be on the phone, rather than in person.
  3. You have the right to bring an advocate (someone to assist or speak for you) with you to all meetings during the complaints process.
  4. We will keep notes of the discussion or meeting, and you will be provided with a copy.

b. Resolution by Training Manager

Should the matter remain unresolved following step a., or should step a. be considered by you to be inappropriate, you are encouraged to contact the Training Manager who will consider the complaint and recommend a resolution.

The Training Manager will provide to you a Complaints and Appeals form to complete and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Any other formal complaint of a serious nature, made against Technology Institute of Victoria Pty Ltd should be presented in writing to the Training manager.

  • The Training Manager will address your complaint as quickly as possible
  • You will have the opportunity to discuss the complaint / appeal with the Training Manager
  • Once the complaint has been considered, all decisions will be documented and presented either face to face or via email to you.

c. Resolution by Managing Director

Should the matter remain unresolved following step b., or should step b. be inappropriate, please tell us and your complaint will be escalated to the Managing Director for consideration and due intervention, as necessary, in order to reach an objective solution to the matter in dispute.

d. Resolution by Arbitration

Should the matter remain unresolved following step c., the Managing Director with consultation with the complainant is offered the option to appoint an independent arbitrator at the cost of the complainant to review the dispute and suggest an amicable resolution.


It is the responsibility of the Training Manager to document the steps taken to resolve the grievance. This information must then be passed to the student and also to the Technology Institute of Victoria Pty Ltd  General Manager and Management team for review, so that the organisation can learn from the experience.  The Training Manager will also forward a written statement of any appeal outcomes (including reasons for the decision) to you within 14 days of the final discussion. This can be sent via email if possible as the most expedient means of written communications.

Appeals Process – Assessment Results

An appeals and reassessment process is an integral part of all training and assessment pathways leading to a nationally recognised qualification or Statement of Attainment under the Australian Qualification Framework. This means that you have the right to appeal an assessment outcome if you feel that you have a grievance.

A fair and impartial appeals process is available to all Technology Institute of Victoria Pty Ltd students, however if you wish to appeal your assessment result, please discuss the issue with your trainer and assessor first.

If the trainer and assessor is unable to satisfy your complaint, and you wish to proceed further with the appeal after discussions with the trainer and assessor,  a formal request must be made in writing, to the Training Manager outlining the reason(s) for the appeal,. You can do this by email or a letter , but your appeal must be lodged within 28 calendar days after the you were issued with the original results of your assessment.

The Training Manager will then take responsibility for implementing a formal appeals process as discussed above, record the appeal in writing and acknowledge that the appeal has been received.

If the Training Manager cannot resolve the complaint that person shall refer the matter to the Managing Director.

If the Managing Director is unable to resolve the complaint then you have the option to refer the matter to an independent arbitrator that is acceptable to both parties, however this will be at your own cost.

All actions during the complaints resolution process will be documented and recorded, and you will receive copies of all relevant documents.

We will make every effort to settle the Appeal to both parties satisfaction.